Research Threads

Commissioned texts, visual essays and conversations on questions of power, resistance and the critical potential of art

The concepts of biopolitics and necropolitics have become fundamental in understanding the contemporary political management of bodies and populations within the context of global neoliberal economy. Whereas the modern utopia promoted a heroic (re-)productive and healthy subject, the colonial and capitalist technologies of power relied upon the very materiality of vulnerable and sensitive bodies. This research thread explores the museum as one of the technologies governing life and death, and its formation of norms, practices of correction, exclusion, and disciplining that contribute to the production of "normal" subjects in terms of gender, sexuality, class, race or disability.

Contemporary forms of subjugation and political resistance cannot be understood without thinking about the new assemblage between sovereign power, modern technologies of management of life and death that work with terror, ecological destruction, social disposability, economic insecurity, and global war. Possible new internationalism and reformulation of governance require the questioning of hegemonic relationships between subjectivity, power and death, patriarchal-colonial reasoning and violence, with the aim to collectively invent new ways of living.